If you own a restaurant, bar, or pretty much anything in food service, then you know how important drink sales can be for both you and your customers. The thing is, though, that menus and retail signage strategies haven’t changed much for most restaurant and bar owners over the past century. Sitting down at a randomly selected restaurant, you’d probably find a folding menu for food options, a separate menu for drinks, and a menu for seasonal specials. On top of that, when the waiter arrives, they’ll be reciting the evening’s specials.

With all of these shuffling menus, it can be difficult for a customer to review all of the options available to them, let alone make an informed decision about what they’d like. Enter: Podia tabletop displays.

In this month’s blog post, we’ll be discussing the three different ways that Podia displays can attract customers and increase sales.

1. Easy to See, Easy to Grab

Podia tabletop displays stand out from the crowd by, well, standing up.

The standing design of the podia tabletop display makes it easy to see and be distinguished by your clientele as soon as they sit down. Unlike flat menus, which can get shuffled together, stuck to one another, or ignored or unseen entirely, podia displays catch the eye and make customers want to investigate.

2. Quick and Simple Menu Changing

The standing design of podia displays may seem great, but how easy is it to change their contents? Well, rest assured, we’ve got you covered.

Simply remove the base of the podia display to access its contents. Then, if you’d like to clean your display, you can either quickly wipe it off or place it in your dishwasher for hassle-free cleaning. On top of that, creating new graphics for your podia display can be done in minutes using a system as simple as Microsoft Word.

3. Durability (Almost) Beyond Belief

Even if you have a rowdy customer base, you can rest easy knowing that podia displays are famously durable. Our polycarbonate plastic and capsule-molded design makes podia displays shockingly difficult to damage. We know this because we’ve literally run our tabletop displays over with a car to test its strength.

Are you interested in purchasing displays that will grab customer attention, make them want to order, and share that display with others at the table? If so, then contact our team at Podia today for more information.

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