All companies around the holiday season like to try to compete with each other for sales, and, with horizontal signage from Podia, your advertising will be hard to miss. Serving as a guide to all your holiday shoppers this Black Friday and beyond, Podia can be the perfect solution to getting new and returning buyers to find your products and at the very least, consider them.

Superstore signage

Let’s face it, superstores have a ton of products, and, sometimes, products in one area end up being very similar to one another making it hard to get your product to stand out. This is where Podia’s horizontal signage can make the difference. Designed to sit at a 90-degree angle straight out over aisles where people can easily read them, the Podia horizontal display can bring attention to shoppers amid a sea of product surrounding your own.

Deals bring a crowd

The popularity of holiday deals isn’t something to be taken lightly, and with Podia’s horizontal signage, you can aim crowds during the busy hours toward your individual product deals by putting them into your display. The ease of changing your Podia horizontal display’s contents makes it simple for things like holiday sales from the normal advertisements. With a 8.5”x11” piece of paper that has your sale deals printed on them, you can quickly switch out just for the days that you need the sales displayed and get back to normal as soon as the deals are done.

Point out the new

When your products are new, or an existing product has a newer version of itself, horizontal displays from Podia can help direct your potential buyers to seeing it, helping your new product get the attention it deserves. All too often shoppers will go through their routine and get the same items they’re used to getting every time they visit the store. With Podia’s displays, you can break the norm for them and increase the chances of your product getting picked up.

Podia displays are the high-visibility, easy-to-use, and durable display system that can benefit your business. Perfect for your retail, high-trafficked areas, Podia displays can bring attention to products and sales in a simple and effective way.

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