With a simple design, ease-of-use, and an effective display system, Podia’s displays give you the best option for table and horizontal signage. Crafted from an indestructible, curved polycarbonate capsule, Podia displays allow double-sided signage that can be placed anywhere without fear. If your business needs to get the word out on products, specials, or news, Podia displays have the solutions you need.

Table to counter

Any flat surface where you have customers and/or clients frequently sitting or passing through can take advantage of Podia to encourage further business. With an insert put into your signage, these passerby’s have a higher chance of learning what deals or specials you currently have at your business, therein increasing the chances that they will buy these products or services. Whether it’s a bar top, end table, or restaurant booth, anywhere people are sitting is best.

Wall mounting

Podia displays can not only be presented on tabletops to get out your information, but they may also we mounted to walls with a powerful magnetic base. Perfect for offices, retail signage, and more, horizontal sign options from Podia make it the universal signage tool your business has been looking for.

Change fast

Products and services change, and Podia makes it easy to support the ever-changing flow of your business. Whether you have the tabletop or wall-mounted Podia display, inserts may be taken out and replaced with ease. Our signage system is designed for durability and simplicity, so anyone can use Podia without worrying about it lasting for long-term use.

Podia tabletop displays are your easy way to bring attention to your business’s products or services or high-traffic areas. With completely customizable inserts and services to design them as well, Podia has the resources you need to get the word out. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

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