As a new schoolyear begins, new sporting, campus, and sponsored events are being planned for students, and you can share these events with them easily through the use of Podia tabletop displays. Campus events typically host a variety of ideas or topics, making it so there is a little something for everyone to enjoy through the schoolyear. Because of this, it’s worth investing in a way to get the message out, and Podia displays are the best in the business.

Dining hall messaging

With students coming in and out of dining halls so often, they can be a great location for you to put Podia tabletop displays and share events. By putting a tabletop display on every few tables, you ensure that every student has a chance to see what latest events are being offered by your university, clubs, organizations, and more. Even if they get bumped around by trays or accidentally knocked off tables, the resilient design of Podia means they’ll be just fine.

Information while studying

Another highly trafficked area on campuses that can be a great spot to inform students is the library. Seemingly always filled with diligent students, the library can be a great place to have Podia tabletop displays and inform students of available activities. Everyone needs a brain break at some point, and the displays from Podia can give students a way to distract themselves for a moment while gaining useful information.

Dorm areas

Dorm sitting areas can be another great location for displays of information for your students. The place where they come in and out every day, Podia displays are sure to be noticed and read by many students living in the dorm. Simply make your insert bright and fun to grab students’ attention, and your Podia will get the use you intend for it to have.

Simple and effective, Podia tabletop displays are a great method of making sure your college students are aware of the events happening around their campus. Contact us to see how Podia could help your campus now!

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