Consort Podia Displays are versatile and can be used in almost any setting, including libraries and bookstores! These displays can be wall mounted horizontally and vertically, as well as used as tabletop displays. With the wide range of display possibilities, our image capsules are perfect for showing customers where the book they are looking for is. In addition to this, Podia Displays can be situated on bookshelves, counters, walls, doors, and more.

Book Browsing

Do your patrons have trouble perusing the bookshelves to find the section they are looking for? Make it easy by giving them a visual by using a display. Podia Displays are easy to manage with their changeable inserts and can be used with large print. Do away with the aimless wandering and allow your customers to find what they need in a quick and efficient manner. Let them browse by genre, author name, or book name and organize your nonfiction with the Dewey Decimal System. Are your patrons unsure of nonfiction numbers? Label your nonfiction section by subject and category alongside the DDS so they can learn along the way.


Not only are Podia Displays great for organizing your books and shelves, but they are also great for directions in your business. Where is the restroom? Follow the displays mounted on the wall to find it. Instead of showing every customer where they need to go, let the Podia Display tell them for you. Mount your Podia Displays near entrances, restrooms, and check-outs to make maneuvering as easy as reading a sign.

Showcasing Specials

Podia Image Capsules can showcase the best-selling books and other specials you have. Stop a customer in their tracks by capturing their attention with a display! These image capsules are interchangeable and easy to assemble, so there is no limit to the specials you can offer. Change them daily, weekly, or seasonally. The Podia Displays can handle it.

If you are interested in purchasing Consort Podia Display Image Capsules for your bookstore or library, contact us today online or by our phone at (269) 388-4532. We have bulk options available through our catalog, as well as reseller opportunities. In addition to our displays, Consort is proud to offer an array of items for your business. Do not hesitate to reach out to us today!

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