At Podia Display, we provide a reseller option for customers that are looking to join the Consort team and are interested in selling Podia Image Capsules. We offer a bundle deal and additional information for the best way to sell our products. We are ready to address all your reselling needs and can offer components to help you sell them best – whether it to be in your physical store or online.

Reseller Information

For our resellers, we offer a variety of options for purchased capsule image packs. We offer a 25-capsule bulk pack without a counter display where each capsule is in their own poly bag and a 15-capsule counter display pack where each capsule is individually shrink-wrapped. Podia Displays can also be purchased by resellers in a 25-capsule Hang-Tab capsule image pack where each capsule is shrink-wrapped with Hang-Tab attachments, or we also have the Weighted Base, Magnet Base, and Slatwall Base versions available for bulk purchase as well with the order of a special purchase.

All our standard Podia Image Capsules will include an informative insert that has instructions for making the inserts for the capsules, as well as idea suggestions and images of Podia being used as a wall sign. Podia Displays can be used for almost any purpose with their multiuse technology. Use it as a tabletop display or a wall sign. No matter the focus of your business, Podia has universal appeal.

Whether you are interested in buying bulk packs, paperboard counter displays or individually tabbed hanging displays – our team here at Consort can help you find the solution for you. We offer custom designed inserts, tabbed units for POS purchases, attractive presentation boxes, and more! If you want to know more about how to purchase Podia Display Image Capsules for your business, do not hesitate to reach out to us today.

If you want to become a reseller of Consort Podia Display Image Capsules, fill out our reseller request form. Let us know your company, the website, your email, phone number, and what your needs are. We will have someone reach out to you and discuss the endless possibilities that come with selling through Consort. In addition to this, our company offers a myriad of different products and services.

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