When hotels invest in Podia Tabletop Displays, they see an increase in guests using services available through their business. Restaurants, retail outlets, spa packages; make sure your guests have the information they need to enjoy all of the features of your hotel. From the check-in counter, to the room itself, Podia displays advertise valuable information throughout your facility.

Offers specifically for guests only. Keep your guests in your facility and show some customer appreciation by offering specials available to guests only. Discounts on spa packages, happy hour specials, even entrees only available through room service – unique offers just for your guests show them your appreciation. These specials also encourage your clients to explore the facilities available in-house.

Sell add space to local partners. Having advertising space specific to out of town guests is a boon for local businesses, and is a way for your hotel to generate extra revenue. Guests respond to information about unique local attractions. From movie theaters to museums, and unique natural attractions, both you and your local business partner can benefit when guests enjoy both your rooms and the local entertainment scene.

Easily rotate new offers. The Podia tabletop display system is so easy to use, so you can change up offers frequently. Designs fit an 8.5” x 11” sheet, and can either be made with design software or even simple document software. Some clients opt to have their logo color printed in bulk and add new text when they want to change designs (similar to letterhead). Others create custom designs, changing them out on a rotation that suits their needs.

Podia is versatile, and will help you communicate with your hotel guests from the lobby to their guest room. Provide them with information that will increase the enjoyment of their stay, and you will both benefit. Contact us today to discuss bulk-buying options.


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