Moreso than most industries, it’s critical to keep a restaurant clean. Keeping a restaurant clean is central not just to the customer experience, but also to the health and safety of both the service staff and the customer. Even so, it’s important to recognize that it can feel like an impossible task to keep a restaurant clean day in and day out. Yet, the trick to keeping your restaurant clean isn’t in reactively cleaning up messes and dirty surfaces, but proactively creating an environment where cleaning your restaurant can be done quickly and efficiently. For that reason, today’s blog post will discuss how we create podia displays to make your process of cleaning as simple as possible.

Paper Menus Can Spread Germs

Conventional paper menus run the risk of spreading germs to those who use them, particularly during cold and flu season. Living in a post-pandemic world, it’s never been more apparent to customers that paper menus can harbor harmful bacteria. This risk could be particularly high for customers who revisit their menus during or after a meal, since food they have on their hands can transfer to the menu and create a breeding ground for germs and, consequently, disease.

Podia’s Easy-Clean Design Enhances the Dining Experience

There are few worse ways for the average customer to begin their dining experience than to pick up a menu and feel some unknown sticky substance on the laminated pages—it can make a customer lose an appetite within the first few minutes of having sat down. One of the many drawbacks of traditional laminated page menus is the fact that their design makes them difficult to consistently keep clean. While sanitizing a multi-page, laminated menu isn’t so bad when done once or twice, sanitizing them after every use inevitably opens the door for a wide margin of error.

To minimize this margin of error, Podia tabletop displays are built to be easily cleaned in a matter of seconds. We construct our podia displays with a water proof design that allows for easy cleaning, so you don’t have to worry about getting the menu inside wet when you wipe them down. Or, if you don’t have the time to wipe them down individually, the podia display can be ran through the dishwasher. Simply collect your podia displays at the end of the night and wash them all together to ensure a clean set of menus for your customers with minimal effort on your end.

Are you interested in seeing how podia displays can be used to keep your business clean and ick-free? Check out our catalogue of podia displays here to make your purchase. Or, if you’d like to try it before you buy it, try a standard podia tabletop display here at only the cost of shipping.

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