Here at Podia Displays, we understand that marketing, branding, menus, and pretty much anything customer-facing about your business can be subject to change on the regular. With this fact of life in mind, we created the Podia Tabletop Display—cost-effective, efficient retail signage that adapts alongside your business’ changing needs and demands.

In today’s blog post, we’ll be discussing how Podia Tabletop Displays are designed to adapt to your needs as a business owner and how to most effectively use Podia to reach your customer base.

Set Up Tabletop Displays at Every Table

If you own a bar or restaurant, then you know that physically distributing menus can be a hassle. There are specials menus, drink menus, meal menus, and others that come up depending on the situation and the time of the year. With Podia Displays, we can help you reduce or even eliminate the headaches that come with altering your menus.

Instead of having both a drinks menu and a food menu for your customers to juggle, simply give them a meal menu and leave your handy Podia Tabletop Display at a place of prominence wherever customers will be eating. When you insert your drinks menu into the Podia Tabletop Display, it will stand in a position of prominence on the table while also remaining out of the way of customers who simply want to enjoy their meal. This reduces the amount of flat, rectangular menus that your servers need to distribute, collect, and clean, and replaces them with efficient menus that customers enjoy using, increasing the likelihood of a drink sale.

Easily Swap Out Menus When Necessary

Altering your Podia Display to a new or changing need is as easy as printing out the new menu, agenda, or other article that you want to share with your customers and sliding it into the easily managed tabletop display. It takes only a matter of seconds to replace the contents of the tabletop display, and is much easier for your severs to clean than a traditional rectangular menu. The tabletop display also protects its contents much better than your average rectangular menu, reducing the amount of times you’d need to replace whatever you keep inside of it.

If you’re interested in simplifying your business’ menu presentation and turning possibilities into profits, contact us at Podia Displays today. We also offer a free sample for your business that you can request here. It’s time to change the game for your business with Podia Displays!

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