Believe it or not, the market for retail signage is highly competitive. There’s a problem with most retail signage companies, though; it’s tough to find one that lets you try it before you buy it. Here at Podia displays, we believe in the old way of trying something before you spend money on the product you’re purchasing. That’s why we offer a free sample for anyone who ‘s interested in using podia displays to see if our signage is right for their business. In this month’s blog post, we’ll be detailing the different ways you can use your sample podia display to change your business’ outreach for the better.

Podia Tabletop Displays for Bars and Restaurants

One of the best ways to use your podia display is by placing it right on your restaurant’s tabletops. Podia tabletop displays are the ideal choice for restaurants and bars that want their changing menus to catch customers’ eyes and provoke tabletop conversation about the new drinks, desserts, or other items you have to offer. Additionally, the hard plastic shell of our displays and their standing orientation makes it so not only are they much less likely to get dirtied than your standard, flapping, rectangular menu, but they’re also significantly easier to clean.

Podia Displays as Wall Signage

Podia displays are also versatile in their applications. When you request a free sample of our displays, your sample will also come equipped with compatibility for wall mounting, so you can see how podia displays function as wall signage. Podia displays are perfect for classrooms, government buildings, homes, and any other building where using signage to direct foot traffic is a boon. Moreover, implementing your own personal design or replacing existing designs is strikingly easy with podia displays; just remove the base and slide in a standard 8.5×11” paper with your own text or design on it. Then, place it above the door or location that you wish to direct foot traffic to.

Are you interested in trying out a podia display before you put the money and commitment forward the go with making a purchase? If so, then we encourage you to request a free sample here for only the cost of shipping. Or, if you’d like to browse our catalogue of display options, then go ahead and take a look at our shop here.

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