When it comes to getting customers and potential customers to interact with your business, it’s often best to give them as many avenues to engage with your services as possible. Just by giving people the option to request your goods or services, they’re more likely to follow up on a purchase. Thus, by increasing points of exposure to your product or service and decreasing the steps the consumer must take to complete the transaction, profits are likely to drastically increase.

Even big businesses such as Costco and Walmart follow this philosophy. Many retailers employ Point of Purchase (POP) retail signage to attract customer attention that consistently converts to sales. In the restaurant and hospitality industry, it’s no different. This is just one way that retail signage and clever marketing can make a tremendous difference in a business’s bottom line. In today’s blog post, we’ll be going over more ways to use podia displays to your advantage.

Using Podia Displays to Increase Customer Awareness

The first step to any marketing funnel is awareness: making potential customers aware that your product or service exists. That’s why we designed our displays for high-traffic areas; that way, you can make large amounts of people aware at a low cost and with little effort.

Our podia tabletop displays, for instance, are an eye-catching, unobtrusive way to get customers sitting at a booth or bar to look at any products or menu items you’re selling. As customers sit and chat, they’ll likely pick up the tabletop display as something to engage with while they wait for their food. Every time they pick it up, the chances of a customer ordering something off that menu increases. Essentially, when you use podia tabletop displays, you’re setting up your dining area or bar for passive marketing that works.

Podia Displays as Retail Signage

Podia Displays also function exceptionally well as retail signage. Our magnetic base models, for instance, are noticeable, unobtrusive, easy to move from promotion to promotion, and especially easy to replace the contents. By using this model as retail signage, you can catch the eye of any strolling shoppers and increase the amount of sales you make on the correlated products. For more information as using Podia as retail signage and in other areas, click here.

Are you interested in giving customers access to high-quality services like yours? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us at Podia today to get your own tabletop displays today. Or, if you’re still uncertain, click here to get a free sample delivered right to your doorstep.

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