We Offer Design Services, Inserts, and More!

Custom Insert Design Service With our custom insert design service, our group of designers can create the perfect insert for your Podia tabletop display. Browse through our actual customer layouts for ideas or search through Adobe stock images, which we price at $4 per image for the license. You also have the option to send […]

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Increase your Restaurant Sales with a Podia Display

Podia tabletop display is a unique image capsule and wall sign. Although the display is easy to use, there are a few helpful tips that help increase a restaurants sale. With Consort Podia Display, we have the right signs and marketing tools to showcase the specials and events you need to get out. From waterproofing […]

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What Does Consort Display Group Have to Offer?

Consort Display Group offers Podia tabletop displays in addition to our other products. Our other products include Abstracta modular systems and furniture, BannerFlex banner brackets, DisplayOne, Dori Pole pennant systems, and more. Consort is a global, design-oriented manufacturer that was founded in 1983 by architect, Roger Lepley. We aim to help companies promote and attract […]

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Use our Consort Podia Sign Holders Anywhere You Need Them

We have the best Podia sign holders and services at Consort Podia Displays that our customers require to represent their business in a convenient, easy-to-use, and reliable way. This is where our Podia Displays come in – a durable display that is both flexible and maneuverable. When you need to showcase a special or event, […]

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Reasons to Purchase our Tabletop Display Sign Holders

At Consort Podia Display, we sell banners and signs in addition to our unique, maneuverable tabletop display sign holders. Our Podia displays are one of our top selling items due to their versatility and durability. With Consort, you have the ability to purchase our tabletop displays online or become a reseller yourself. These displays are […]

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Become a Reseller for Consort Podia Image Capsules!

At Podia Display, we provide a reseller option for customers that are looking to join the Consort team and are interested in selling Podia Image Capsules. We offer a bundle deal and additional information for the best way to sell our products. We are ready to address all your reselling needs and can offer components […]

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Make Book Browsing Easier with a Maneuverable Display

Consort Podia Displays are versatile and can be used in almost any setting, including libraries and bookstores! These displays can be wall mounted horizontally and vertically, as well as used as tabletop displays. With the wide range of display possibilities, our image capsules are perfect for showing customers where the book they are looking for […]

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Spruce up your Lobby with Podia

When hotels invest in Podia Tabletop Displays, they see an increase in guests using services available through their business. Restaurants, retail outlets, spa packages; make sure your guests have the information they need to enjoy all of the features of your hotel. From the check-in counter, to the room itself, Podia displays advertise valuable information throughout […]

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Showcase your Specials this Season with a Podia Display!

During the holiday season, tabletop displays need to represent the atmosphere whether through limited time offers, event schedules, and more. Podia, the nearly indestructible signage for tables, allows for custom inserts to be easily inserted and removed at your convenience. So, during the business of the season where holidays are coming and going – events […]

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Podia Wall Mount Display - Frankies Room

Check out Some Consort Podia Displays Reviews

At Consort, we provide a range of products and services to our customers. Some of our products include banners, modular display systems, digital imaging, pennant systems, and our podia displays. Our Podia Displays are made of durable polycarbonate and are designed for everyday use. They are ideal for tabletops, counters, point-of-purchase displays, and wall displays. […]

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